Cat Power

It Ain’t Fair

Cat Power - It Ain’t Fair (from the EP Dark End Of The Street)

I finished setting up a large sound system flow in the air at a half coliseum show today and was digging through my laptop for music to play to the empty room and I initially chose some upbeat Jamie Lidell songs and some Phoenix but settled into an EP from Cat Power that I had not given much of a chance called Dark End Of The Street, more specifically the last song on the EP called It Ain’t Fair. As soon as the first pluck of the stand up bass in the song was struck the large empty hall came alive as the song snuck into the room and gave my mind a much needed rest after all the work. There is nothing quite like playing music you enjoy on a big fancy PA in an empty music hall before a show. I often take the chance to sneak in favorites when I can. Anyway, after hearing it in this way I got home and put it on again and the same effect was layered into my room when I played the song. Its just a beautiful soft blues song that is hard not to enjoy while slowly nodding your head. The EP it is from is full of covers, something Cat Power is no stranger to and while I have not enjoyed her last few releases as much as her older albums this song may have me taking a closer look at what she has been up to lately. I was sad to see that it was sold out on vinyl but who knows, maybe one day I will get lucky wandering through a record shop somewhere...

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