Kate Micucci

Just Say When

Kate Micucci - Just Say When (from Songs EP)

I found Kates music after my brother pointed me to the fact that she had a short little album available online. She is a comedian/musician/actress. Typically found with a ukulele in hand she often sings short songs with a cute style filled with little puns and quirky stories and situations and its what I expected when I got my hands on the EP but was pleasantly surprised to hear the last song on the 10 minute release. A little mini piano ballad that I keep listening to over and over and thought, why not post it here on You Disappear. It’s a simple enough song but it has surprising depth coming from a typically comedic artist. I Can only hope that she will expand on her songwriting and explore it more in the future with and without the quirky humor. (you can hear the song streaming on her myspace page here)

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