Hello readers, both new and from my other project, fiftyfootshadows.net. John here and I am excited to present to you a whole new site that I have been dreaming of starting up for some time now. You Disappear is a new project I have started that will focus on music. The quiet side of music to be exact. Years ago while looking around for new music I stumbled across a site that introduced me to a lot of amazing music called Take A Nap. The interesting part about it was that the music featured there was all focused around music which was quiet, relaxing, mellow... you know, good for a nap. The site was regularly updated with mew music and suggestions until suddenly there was simply no more updates. According to the sites record that was way back in 1999 but because it is hosted on the once popular ad supported (free) site hosting service tripod.com it is still online and fully operational.

Take A Nap is one I always remembered as being one where I discovered a lot of great music and ever since I noticed it fade from updating existence I have daydreamed about taking it over and continuing to update it but after failed attempts at getting in touch with the people who started it I decided to simply start my own site with the same premise. A site featuring my favorite kind of music, music that makes the world seem to slow down around you. Music that is often best heard late at night when your ears have rested a bit and the world around you has fallen silent so it can creep into your ears like a waking dream or when the stress of the every day is simply too much and you need something to help dull the brightness of life to help focus your mind along the way. There are a thousand or so ways I have thought to describe it but I’m sure you get the idea.

To get things started I will be featuring some quiet classics for me in my life most older but some new ones as well. Many of these some of you may have already heard and been familiar with for some time but the idea is not always going to be simply to feature the latest and greatest up and coming artists but simply to start building an archive of amazing, calm music for others that share the same passion for it as I do. A place that I hope people may stumble on and discover some great new music or a place for other admirers of this kind of music to hopefully find something new as well. Its going to be a slow climb to have as much content as I wold like to see on it before it really hits its stride but I hope to get it off to a good start and update as often as possible. I also would like to eventually include a rating for each featured album in a similar way Take A Nap did that will relate to you its level calmness but I have not figured out how to best word this or represent it so it will have to wait.

As you can see, the main page of this site will be focused around this blog. It’s where I will feature new content added to the site but with each new addition I will also add it to the archive page where you can search for music alphabetically by artist. The archive will contain links to pages with all the posts made so far about the artist on the site and will not represent the artists total discography.

I have decided to concentrate on featuring albums here on the site rather than only featuring artists. While sometimes I may feature a few albums at once from a newly discovered artist I have chosen to do it by album because not every artist I will feature here makes nothing but calm albums. I will also be featuring individual songs that stand out on their own and hopefully in the future a podcast or possibly some exclusive content will make its way into the mix. There is a suggestion link to your left, please feel free to use it to suggest any artists or albums or songs that you feel should be featured on the site and I will have a listen and consider it for a future post.

Something to keep in mind is the overall aesthetic I look for in this type of music. It will usually be from smaller, independent artists and recordings will range from lo-fi, self produced albums to smoother more produced/polished sounding recordings and above all the music I feature here will be that which I feel up to certain standards. I like to be able to feel whatever it is the musician felt when the music was recorded. I never feel as attached to music that is over produced or so polished that the recording distances you from the music. Hopefully that makes sense. As far as specific genres go I don’t look to gravitate toward any particular one but featured music will range from acoustic singer songwriter type recordings to electronic releases that I feel fit into the calm mindset of the site.

I simply wanted to point out that I will hold creative control over the music featured here on the site and typically the music I will write about here is music that I love personally and you will not just be hearing every random song that comes along that happens to feature a guy singing quietly with his guitar in hand. I hope to build a site full of the best of what is out there to hear and hopefully continue to discover a lot of great music myself as well along the way.

The about page is simply an alternate version of what you just read, just so you know.

Well, all that introduction talk aside I hope you enjoy your stay here and check back often for new music additions! Feel free to write or send in any suggestions you may have and I hope you stop by again soon!

All the best,