Welcome to youdisappear.net! My name is John and I am currently the primary writer for the site. You Disappear is my second web project, the first being fiftyfootshadows.net, a photography and desktop wallpaper blog which was formerly twistedsun.net. Years ago while looking around for new music I stumbled across a site that introduced me to a lot of amazing music called Take A Nap. The interesting part about it was that the music featured there was all focused around music which was quiet, relaxing, mellow... you know, good for a nap. The site was regularly updated with mew music and suggestions until suddenly there was simply no more updates. According to the sites record that was way back in 1999 but because it is hosted on the once popular ad supported (free) site hosting service tripod.com it is still online and fully operational.

Take A Nap is one I always remembered as being one where I discovered a lot of great music and ever since I noticed it fade from updating existence I have daydreamed about taking it over and continuing to update it but after failed attempts at getting in touch with the people who started it I decided to simply start my own site with the same premise. A site featuring my favorite kind of music, music that makes the world seem to slow down around you. Music that is often best heard late at night when your ears have rested a bit and the world around you has fallen silent so it can creep into your ears like a waking dream or when the stress of the every day is simply too much and you need something to help dull the brightness of life to help focus your mind along the way. There are a thousand or so ways I have thought to describe it but I’m sure you get the idea.

You wont find elaborate professional reviews or endless comparisons to other artists. The albums featured here will be discussed from a more personal angle rather than the same old over written attempts at sounding intelligent or knowledgeable about music. While there is validity to this kind of reviewing it is not the approach I take here on youdisappear. You will find my personal reaction to the music and a loose opinion on what I think of it. The Songs here will represent what I feel is the best of the best when it comes to calm, slow your heart rate, close your eyes music. Some will make you think, some will make you feel sad, others will make you happy but all will be at least somewhat calm and restful. Originally I wanted this to simply be an archive of music but using a blog interface seemed appropriate because it is easy to follow with RSS should you choose to do so and its easy to build the database with. Overall I am hoping for the site to grow into a small compendium of music that will leave your mind at ease. I also hope is that it does not get lost among the ten billion other music blogs out there. To do that I hope to implement, a podcast and if all goes according to plan, some original / exclusive content in the future which I have slowly begun to organize in my mind.

The archive is a good place to go to browse specific artists and discover new ones and will grow with time as I add more and more to the site. I have decided to feature albums on the site rather than simply musicians because at times some musicians will make a quiet album while others are not nearly as calm or maybe one album simply stands out more than others and I felt it would be appropriate to feature individual albums rather than simply a blanket of artists which just seemed a little to obvious in some way.

If you have any suggestions for music you would like to see featured on the site please feel free to use the suggestion form to the left or if you want to just say hello and let me know how I am doing use the contact form. I guess I should also point out that I hold creative control over the content featured and the music must fit my standards which are somewhat hard to define but I wanted to mention this because you should know that not just every random new calm sounding album or artist will appear here on the site. Only the music that I feel stands out from the rest in some way or another.

I think I have rambled on long enough for you to get the overall idea of what I would like to do with the site and I hope you enjoy it! Please come back often if you are a fan of the music as I hope to update it as often as possible with great new music.


A note on iTunes links:
I thought that I would disclose that I use the apple affiliate links program when I link to iTunes on yourdissapear.net. It gives me a small fraction of the sale if you buy it from the link. When I have used it in the past with an old site it accumulated to a huge check of $2.54 over the course of a year which I didn’t even get around to putting in the bank. In other words, im not doing it to rake in money and I am disclosing this because I want you to know that I did not make this site to turn a profit. I made it to share music that I love. The small amount of money that may come from it will go into the hosting of the site. To be honest, I would rather you follow the artist page links and buy from them or their label directly or look for the releases on vinyl when they are available that way.. Thats all, just wanted to have that understood, enjoy the site! (UPDATE: looks like apple finally caught up with most of the other digital music services out there and nearly all of the music on itunes now can be purchased in a higher bit rate without that annoying copy protection all over it!)